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Vogue Magazine Cover exhibiting a Korean model with a bubble ponytail, and is tinted in teal and purple. Words going counter clockwise stating headlines "Cannabis Brands That Give Back", "Yitty, Shape wear Reinvented by Lizzo, Makes Every Size Happy", "Lily Kim, Music, Fashion, Influence", "What's Your Sign? The Best Nail Color For Every Season", and "Back in Black, Leather for Every Occasion".


My degree in book design and passion for magazine design have allowed me to develop a comprehensive set of skills as a layout designer, enabling me to excel in this industry. By leveraging high-quality retouched photography, typography, and modern layout techniques, I create visually captivating designs that tell a compelling story with every page turn.


Throughout my professional journey, I have dedicated significant time to mastering various aspects of merchandising - from ideation to final product. I possess expertise in diverse skills such as screen printing, separations, production, packaging, and label design, and am proficient in managing budgets and deadlines by cultivating strong vendor relationships for outsourcing.

Woman with blonde hair and red lipstick standing in a bakery kitchen, in a black t-shirt that states "Sugary Sweet, Confections and Treats", wearing a leopard print hair scarf, while icing a 3 tier cake with white buttercream frosting.
E-Newsletter for vintage clothing brand Abby's Armoire. Header image of a color coordinated clothing rack with text laid overtop that says "Sustainable Clothing for Life",  and a blurb that says "All of our Clothes are Locally Resourced and Gently Used". Followed by the Logo and tagline "For Vintage Apparel". Image of 3 millennial shoppers, one trying on leather boots, the next looking at their phone and a third person in a red and green floral print dress. Continuing clockwise, a sub-header that says "Proceeds Help Fund Our Clothing Drive for the Local Shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area". A rainbow of red, orange, yellow and teal in the bottom right hand corner. A pink rectangle to the right of the rainbow that has white lettering inside it that says "Shop Or Donate Today!". Followed by a close up of a second hand designer scarf. An image above that of a woman in a teal dress with a red belt, sunglasses and pink hair. The bottom of the photo says in white letters


Over the past 12 years, I have refined my expertise in print production and digital asset creation. I've produced a wide range of materials, from e-newsletters and social media posts to stories and more recently carousels. My client roster includes a diverse array of organizations, such as independent real estate agents, Stonybrook University, Columbus Architecture Studio, Barilla, Cutting Vedge, and Planned Parenthood.

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